Into the forest I go...

to lose my mind and find my soul.


Healing comes the sacred nature that surrounds us. Spending a few days with us will naturally bring up what is called for in your inner process. Our activities are ways to harness the energy of the forest and facilitate this process. You can choose from a variety of treatments, hikes and movement practices to complement the natural healing and deepen your personal development journey.



Heal, relax and discover. 



Full Body Relaxing Massage – 60 min – 300R

Back, neck and shoulders – 30 min – 200R



Learn the practice of  silent meditation and self observation. 60 min – 100R

Energy Reading


Your energy field stores all your information – past, present and future. Accessing it will give you guidance and  insights on your present moment and bring clarity on your life path. Access messages, advice, discover hidden talents and integrate your energetic identity. Understand your vibration and the life you are attracting. Also can support you in decision making based on your soul’s journey. (+-30 min) 250R

Shadow Integration


During  a Shadow Integration, we give life to repressed emotions, past traumas, limiting beliefs and any other energies present in your vibration that are preventing you from attracting the life that you truly want to live. We access the subconscious in order to give it a chance to express itself, be felt, heard and understood. By feeling what was once repressed, we release it and open space for it’s polar vibration to be integrated and it’s lessons understood. Also supports you in deepening your self knowledge levels and brings more consciousness of our internal space. (45 min) 300R

Energetic Alignment


Healing practice from the shamans of South America, it’s the combination of energy reading followed by shadow integration. It’s the best option if you are not sure what shadow needs to be integrated but feel in your heart there is something you would like to change about the life you are creating for yourself. The energy reading will bring you clarity of your present moment and help identify what shadows need your attention in order to create (attract) a joyful and free future. (60 min) 400R

Sacred Feminine


Learn ancient woman practices to awaken your feminine energy and nature. Reconnect to your cyclical nature and to your moon time. (60 min) 100R



Connection to nature is one of our core principles at Rivendell, that´s why we offer special outdoor activities do deepen into this.

Elemental Purification


This is a personal retreat that will take you through an alchemical cleanse journeyusing the powers of the elements – air, fire, water and earth to cleanse mind, spirit, emotions and physical body. Through the practice of expression, we deepen in waht you are going through and receive meditations, practices and insights to support you in your process and enhance  your quality of life. You will feel lighter, safer and inspired after this spiritual spa day. (aprox. 4 hours) 600R  

Sacred Hiking


We take you down to the forest on the hiking trails sharing a ancient nature practices, walking with our feet on the soil, in noble silence, guiding you through meditations, water blessings, manifestation practices and tree communicating! Here the century old indigenous trees are free to teach and share the subtle knowledge with all those that go to them with open hearts. They are the best healers on the planet! (aprox. 2 hours) 150R