A House of Healing Mission

A House of Healing Mission


It’s been amazing to see the unfolding of this journey! Starting a healing house has been such an adventure and a BIG alignment of vision has been spontaneously taking place. 

A House of Healing is a intentional safe space to hold people in need to recover from their past and their emotional addiction to suffering. Creating a energetic vibration in this space is a daily mission. Everyday the house must be cleansed, incense, floral sprays, candles, bells, salt, chanting and dancing every day to keep the vibration high enough to be able to feed and support those that come in the negative spectrum. 

The intent (energetic purpose felt in our hearts) to create a space like this, already shifts it’s vibration. And there are tests and lessons that happen in order to keep this purpose strong and deeply aligned. The house is a teacher. The house is our guide if we are going in the right direction, if we are aligned with the purpose to help humanity heal in nature. 

A big lesson has to do with respect and embodiment of this intent. Do we truly believe in magic? Are we taking this space seriously? Are we making the energetic vibration a top most priority? 

Respecting this space is teaching us how to respect ourselves, if we don’t, then the house won’t either. Because the body is the house of the soul. The more we understand the complexity of elevating the vibration of a house, the more we gain into raising the vibration of the body. To keep the space within clean and protected. Not allowing just anything to walk in. 

How do we do this? How do we keep our internal house sacred? Protected? Elevated? The doorway, of course, is our senses. We are inputting what we see, eat, feel, think, hear, smell… To keep us grounded in the sacredness of our bodies, we learn how to respect our limits. We choose what we see (television? instagram? sunsets and shooting stars?), what we eat (processed? fast food? organic? super foods?), what we feel (do I allow this negative feeling to take over me? can I identify what is mine and what is not? do I feel pleasure in the suffering? what do I gain from feeling this way? do I do my morning practices to keep my field be protected and elevate my emotions? will I meditate in the morning to be in awareness of the sensations as an observer or will I get pulled into every emotional state that is triggered?), what we think (is this thought ESSENTIAL? Am I  rambling on in virtual conversation with random people in my head? I am thinking bad things of other people? I am allowing my mind to pull me down? Or am I focused on what I want? Bringing in the positive thoughts? Believing in my limitless potential?), what we hear (does that gossip influence me? am I reading negative news everyday? what do the lyrics of this song tell me? am I trying to hear what isn’t for me to know?) and what we smell (is my sense of smell awake?). We make moment to moment choices as to our bodies are sacred and respected or open to whatever comes. 

We do have choice! And in choice we can build our internal temple to reflect our external house of healing.

And the more we respect ourselves, the more we ground in simplicity and humility. Simple is what makes it clean and grounded. Real and honest. We aspire to make this accessible to all, how can we offer what we are doing at minimal cost and still make it a valuable experience? Keeping it simple and beautiful at the same time? 

We ask and the forest answers. Always. We are learning. Learning. Aligning. Making it happen. 


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