We are the ones we've been waiting for.

Welcome to Rivendell House of Healing

Here we listen to the wisdom of the trees, the voices of the wind, the spirit of the fire and the secrets of the waterfall. Speaking the language of nature and her elements, helps us create an unforgettable experience for those looking for peace and healing.

Welcome to Rivendell House of Healing

Here we listen to the wisdom of the trees, the voices of the wind, the spirit of the fire and the secrets of the waterfall. Speaking the language of nature and her elements, helps us create an unforgettable experience for those looking for peace and healing.

About Us

It is our intention to support people from all over the world on their healing journey, helping people to disconnect from the big city energetic pollution and reconnect to their natural, more peaceful states that blossom in connection with sacred land, pure air, amazing water and magical fire.

We offer group retreats from renowned spiritual facilitators from all over the world. We can host groups of up to 20 people, holding space for the profound transformation that happens in circles. We are open to all spiritual paths and leaders that desire to offer their retreats in this sacred land.

We also hold space for individual personalized retreat packages that we design according to the specific needs of our guests. We have a permanent team of yoga teachers, meditation tutors, healers and massage therapists on location to take care of your mind, body and soul during your stay. 

The magical land we are located at has the amazing ability to call on the right people to experience what she has to offer. It is not a coincidence that you are on this website right now, if you have read this far, you are being called to come receive the medicine that you need in order to live a lighter, freer, more joyful life.

We welcome you to your best self! Come join us in an unforgettable journey that starts by making the conscious choice to take the mountain´s call and come rediscover the joy in your life.

The Location

Welcome to the magical village of Hogsback! Nested on top of a very special and vibrant mountain, in the middle of the oldest forest in South Africa, we are right on the meeting point of the Earths leylines, where magnetic fields meet creating what is called in many traditions as a place of power.

The vibration of this land is very special and unique. There are many people that have spontaneous spiritual awakening experiences when they come visit. The natural vibration of the land brings what is inside to the surface so that we can see and work through it. Our bodies go into immediate state of purification when we stay here for a while.

It is a perfect place for a healing center as the nature itself already puts us on a healing journey just for being here. Having the proper guidance can harness this energy and guide you through your inner process, increasing the results and expanding your consciousness as well as deeply relaxing and releasing.

Building Rivendell is a calling that has come from the land herself in order to assist humanity in healing and awakening spiritually. We are here in service to the land and trust her fully to attract and call on those that are ready for this experience.


What is Healing?

The planet is going through one of the biggest shifts in consciousness it has ever been through. Humanity, as a species, is on an evolutionary turning point.

During the past century, we have developed materially like no other period on Earth. We have evolved technologically and mentally to a limit of what we are safely capable of handling without a jump in consciousness.

Humanity is being called upon by the Earth to consciously move towards its own evolution, in order to go  through the global crisis and rediscover new ways of living in alignment to our true selves and reconnection to the planet and it´s nature.

This evolutionary movement comes from rediscovering and clearing our internal space, that place within where we store our light and our dark aspects. In our bodies we keep repressed emotions, limiting beliefs, childhood traumas and conditioned patterns of behavior that lower our vibration (our energetic footprint). This vibration is in charge of attracting the life that we live, we call to ourselves that which is a vibrational match to what we are putting out there. Sometimes we can hold on to years of lower vibrational emotions inside of us, this eventually leads to depression, confusion, disenchantment with life, bad relationships, financial problems and other hardships that are a direct result of this overload stored within.

Working through those aspects of ourselves is actually what makes us grow and mature as humans. Behind every dark aspect we are holding, is a beautiful treasure that comes as a result of overcoming, releasing and letting go of what no longer serves us.  

The deeper we go into our personal healing journey, the more we get from it. Healing creates big change inside of us and when we change, the world around us changes too. The reality we attract shifts and we are able to manifest our dreams into reality with ease. We open our hearts and can share with others a more loving and kinder version of ourselves, creating beautiful ripples of happiness as a result of our healed presence.

There are many that have been walking this healing path for a long time and are here to assist others on their evolutionary journeys. Healing centers are being created all over the world as a calling coming from the planet herself. And we are very honored to be one of these safe spaces where everyone can come and find assistance in their own journeys towards a joyful existence.


The Process

For over 20 years, Away with the Fairies Backpackers has been a place of joy and play. For long this was expressed through a lot of parties and long nights at the groovy bar area full of fairies, gnomes and dragons painted on the walls.

Slowly the land and it´s sacred forest on the edge of the backpacker started to call for a shift and a seed of a new direction has been planted in the hearts of those that run the place.

A vision of a different kind of joyful existence is being birthed through the building of the Rivendell House of Healing.

YES! We are going holistic and joining the Earths efforts to assist humanity in raising the vibration of the planet and evolving in consciousness!

Away with the Fairies is taking an evolutionary turn, moving away from the denser energies of the heavy tequila shots to the lovely Elf shots (free health shots), letting go of the topless Thursday nights to free yoga classes in the morning, going from hang overs to energy healing sessions, from braais to vegan cooking!

The forest has called and we have answered!

We have an entire new crew with a conscious perspective that are leading this transformation! Yoga teachers, meditation tutors, Chi Kung instructors, energy workers and massage therapists and artists have joined together to completely reinvent the place.

We are building a new yoga studio right on the edge of the cliff with the most spectacular view to the forest on the virgin land right beside the backpacker, combining the holistic way with young adventure tourism. Spreading the joy through connection with nature and with ourselves.

Adventuring into our own internal labyrinths can be as intense as going on a hike or abseiling down a waterfall!

It´s a process… We are currently raising funds and resources to get the cliff edge studio built and start offering bigger group retreats. Meanwhile, we are already offering yoga classes and a range of therapies and holistic activities from a smaller studio with the cliff view of the forest.